Mobile application and service

Mobile application and service for the exchange points of interest and personalized routes.

When you can use this app

  • Remember and tell your friends about the location of points of interest.
  • Make plan of route for together travel.
  • Share routes to the friends.
  • Be oriented in a strange place, find your target.
  • Get help and provide it to others.
  • Don’t lose your direction, even if you are haven’t the mobile Internet.

Use Goto if:

  • If you have lost direction or can’t find the road, if you need help of your friends.
  • If you want to help others to find the right place.
  • If your place of interest is not covered by the map service.
  • If you want get precision beyond the capabilities of navigation applications.
  • If you need use of the non-trivial route.

Use the Goto with your favorite navigation app.

What is that

Where to use

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